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(Old building) How do I connect my computer to a fixed network?
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It is permitted to connect terminal network equipment to the fixed network as regulated by the STU Information System Security Directive. The text of the directive and related documents are available on the university's website.

The network in the old building may be logged into by using the IEEE 802.1X protocol.

Why 802.1X?

In the past, only responsible and specially trained persons had access to computers and so the security of computer networks was not a priority. The situation changed when computers started to be a standard in routine life. 802.1X prevents unauthorized persons from accessing network communications without the need for physical authorization of all connected devices.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to properly connect to the network using the 802.1X protocol.

Device configuration is only possible for the following operating systems: Windows 10/11, Ubuntu 14.04+, Mac OSX (Other or older operating systems are not tested and we are not responsible for their incompatibility)

There are two ways to configure the network for Windows 10/11:

  • Using automatic profile installation
  • Manually

What are the login details?

To log in, you need to create a new faculty login (password). The network is then logged in in the form:


Important: Do not use the login name in the form: but in the form ''login''.

Instructions can be found at:

Links to tutorials:

Windows 10/11, automatic installation:

Windows 10/11, manual installation:


Ubuntu 14.04+:

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