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How do I connect from home to the STU network via VPN?
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VPN FCHPT and VPN STU are available for employees and students of FCHPT. Configurations are available for Windows 8.1 and 10 desktop systems, macOS and also for iOS, Android mobile systems.

You can get the login data to the VPN in the AIS.

The login credentials are the same as for logging into the eduroam WiFi network.

1/ The faculty VPN is built on top of the IKEv2 protocol and is recommended.

For logging into the FCHPT VPN, login is used as the login name.

Configuration files and tutorials for configuring the FCHPT VPN can be found at the following link:

Or for iOS and Android also in the appendix (on the right side of this manual).

Note: Instructions for the faculty VPN are also an attachment to this question.

2/ The university VPN is built on multiple protocols.
We recommend using OpenVPN when using this service. All available protocols can be used to access STU systems. Through OpenVPN, access is only allowed to some of the FCHPT systems. For access to systems operated by the institutes and departments of the faculty, it may not be available via the university VPN at all.

For logging into the VPN STU, the login consists of a login and "", just like for WiFi.

Note: Information and instructions on how to configure the STU VPN can be found on the university's website: VPN access to the STU network.

If the connection to the faculty VPN does not work after a Windows OS update?
Instructions on how to fix the "parameter is incorrect" error when I want to connect to the VPN:

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