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How do I install ESET Antivirus?
Last Updated 5 months ago

STU provides a security solution for ESET-owned computers. This is deployed and managed through the Eset Security Management Center (ESMC) server.
The installation program to mediate the installation is available at the link:

After downloading the installation, extract the program from the .zip file and run the installation.

Then you need to send the PC names and department name for manual inclusion in
groups for downloading and installing and subsequently activating licenses. We recommend entering the number of your department as a prefix on behalf of the computer, eg: 045210-SOMETHING.

Send information:

1 / By creating a ticket after logging in via the link: Installation and activation of ESET AV

2 / By sending a message to the technical support email address - support (at) Enter the word ESET in the subject of the message.

(By downloading and running the program in the attachment on the PC, you will find out the name and IP address of your PC)

All operations take place over the network, so it is necessary to keep the PC connected to the network until the installation and activation is complete.

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