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How do I insert a .html signature to Outlook?
Last Updated 7 months ago

1. Open your Outlook program. Click on FILE in the upper left corner.


2. In the left column, click OPTIONS.


3. The OUTLOOK APPLICATION OPTIONS menu will open. Select MAIL in the left column. Click on SIGNATURES in the right part.


4. The SIGNATURES AND STATIONERY window will open. Choose NEW and define a name for the signature in the dialog box. Click OK. You have just created a blank signature.


5. Exit all open menus and exit Outlook 365.

6. Open the page with the signature generator in your web browser. The site can only be accessed from the STU network or via VPN.

7. Fill in the required fields with your data. Choose HTML as output (for email signature) and click GENEROVAŤ - GENERATE.

8. The html code of your signature will appear in the field. Click Skopírovať zdrojový kód - Copy source code.

9. Next, in your computer (e.g. on the desktop) create a new text document named e.g. New text document.txt.

10. Open the document and paste the copied html code from point 8 into it (ctrl-v, or the option to paste).

11. Save the changes using the 'Save as' option and the selected UTF-8 encoding

12. In Windows Explorer, go to the directory of stored Outlook signatures %AppData%\Microsoft\Signatures

13. In the folder, you will find an empty signature you created in point 4 under the name you chose, e.g. 'name.htm'

14. Delete the file 'name.htm' and copy the file you created in point 10 to the directory.

15. Rename the copied file (e.g. New text document.txt) to the original file with the signature you deleted in point 14. So you rename the 'New text document.txt' to e.g. 'name.htm'.

16. You have created an html signature. You can try it by starting the Outlook 365 program, creating a new email and choosing a signature from the menu. The signature is attached to the bottom of the email.

17. Alternatively, in point 13, do not delete the file 'name.htm', but open it, mark everything in it (ctrl-a), delete and paste the contents of the file with the generated signature (e.g. 'New text document.txt'.

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