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How do I access my university email?
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E-mail boxes on primary e-mail server (webmail) are created automatically upon first login obtaining user data from Academic Information System (AIS). This means that the login and password are the same as the authentication data for AIS. Employees will have it available in the HR department or at their system integrators and students will have it available at matriculation.

Information on e-mail box parameters and detailed instructions for setting up e-mail clients can be found below.

Note: messages with the email address can also be sent from AIS or G.Suite. However, without an appropriate redirection, replies to these messages will only be delivered to the primary mail server (webmail).




e-mail address [1]

authentication (login:password) [2]


e-mail box size



possible access, interface

webmail HTTP [4], IMAP, POP3 [5]

incoming mail server

IMAPs or POP3s [3] (port 993, SSL/TLS) (port 995, SSL/TLS)

outgoing mail server (SMTP) [3] (port 465, SSL/TLS)

message size limit


limit for the number of recipients


daily limit on the number of sent messages

outside the STU network and VPN


[1] in the case of duplicate e-mail boxes, the box can be in the format:

[2] The password is valid for max. 180 days since its last change. To change it, go to - Log in to the Personal administration of AIS - Information system set-up - Password change. First log in go to - First log in to AIS instructions

[3] Secured by encrypted SSL/TLS protocol. Note: SSLv2/3 protocol used by older products is not supported.

[4] The maximum number of simultaneous logins to webmail is limited to 3, so do not close the internet browser window without logging out. Note: The server will automatically cancel inactive logins within 1 hour.

[5] The maximum number of inbox checks by the POP3 protocol is 5 times in 1 minute

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