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How do I set a new password in AIS?
Last Updated 2 years ago

On the Academic Information System page, click "Log in to the personal administration of AIS ". After the login form is displayed, enter the name and password currently used.

In the "Information system set-up" section, click the Password change menu. The password change application will open. It is necessary to enter the original password (for security reasons) and the new password twice (passwords are not displayed).

The password should be meaningless at first glance - it must not contain words from any world language, names, dates of birth and namedays, etc. Your new password must meet the requirements below. A suitable password is composed of several words, numbers and special characters. The chosen words should not have any connection with you or the university - proper names, dates or geographical names can be easily guessed. Also, avoid too simple passwords such as sequences (1234, qwertz) or simple words (password, login). Substituting letters for characters such as @ instead of a, or $ instead of s, will not increase password strength much.

  1. The minimum password length is 10 characters.
  2. The minimum number of lowercase letters is 1.
  3. The minimum number of capital letters is 1.
  4. The minimum number of digits is 1.
  5. The minimum number of non-letter characters is 1.
  6. The maximum number of consecutive repeating characters is 3.
  7. The password must be strong (at least three bars out of four).
  8. As an alternative to meeting the minimum requirements for the number of digits, letters, etc. is a password at least 30 characters long, consisting of at least 5 different characters.
  9. The number of old passwords from which the new password must differ is 5.
  10. The minimum number of changes compared to the old password is 5.

It is forbidden to use diacritics (only ASCII characters are allowed). The password must not contain following forbidden characters: space & +

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