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How do I obtain university systems login data and an employee card?
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Employee card - ITIC 
It will be issued by the Personnel Department of the Human Resources Unit upon submitting a request to the STU Card Administration on the first day of employment the earliest. It takes three to seven calendar days for the card to be delivered to the employee. The issued card will be given to the employee by a Human Resources Unit´s personnel department employee.

AIS - academic information system 
AIS system integrator Mr. Samuel Hraško will provide an access to AIS upon the request of the head of the workplace. Please, contact Mr. Hraško on phone number +421918669198 or e-mail address:

IIS MIS10 - registry 
Access to IIS MIS10 will be provided upon request by the system administrator Ing. Jana Zavacká, PhD. Please, contact Ms. Zavacká on phone number +421918674130 or e-mail address:

Magion - economic information system
If the employee's job requires work with the Magion program, access will be provided by the head of the workplace, via the access form at the STU rector´s office (Information Systems Department):
EIS (economics): Ing. Emília Košuthová e-mail:, 
PAS (personnel): Ing. Eva Tarová, e-mail:

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